Do you offer private calligraphy lessons?

Not at this time, but I hope to in the future.

Do you travel to teach calligraphy workshops?

Yes! I am willing to travel pretty much anywhere. Email me any questions you may
have if this interests you, & we can discuss how travel pricing can work into
the overall workshop pricing.

Where is "The Hive Studio" located?

My studio is located in my 2-bedroom townhouse in Mariemont, Ohio, at the moment!
My larger room has been turned into my studio space, & my shipping station is in my basement. Kind of convenient, eh? To learn more about my space, check it out here.

Why do you only offer 1 product line a year for wholesale?

Since this is a one-woman-operation, I like to spend quality time creating these new thingamajigs for you,  so they're carefully thought out, & created with intention. I admire those who have a team of folks who can help create a lot of goodies a few times a year for shops; however, I feel at my best when I remain an independent artist & can have the freedom to create. This is something I've long prayed about, & have discovered time is better spent to focus on 1 great line a year, rather than a few not-as-great lines a year. Ya know that being stretched too thin thing & fear of being burnt-out? Yes & Yes. I want to provide my best self to my products, & at this moment, that is my little creative process!

If you have further questions about this, please feel free to reach me!

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